Rory Heath

Playing Mon-Fri from 12AM-6AM
Rory is the overnight DJ at country barnyard radio. He is also the program director at the station. Catch him Mon-Fri from 12-6am!

Kevin Williams

Playing Mon-Fri from 6AM-10AM
Wake up to some great country music, fun facts and maybe even a live interview weekday mornings with Kevin Williams!

Hilly Mama

Playing Mon-Fri from 10AM-2PM
Hilly is our midday DJ that can be heard every Monday through Friday from 10-2! She always picks great songs for the playlist that will make your workday more enjoyable!

Quigz Quigley

Playing Mon-Fri from 2PM-6PM
From an early age, music and radio was always a part of Quigz life. Gaining inspiration from her day, she chose to process a path in the online and radio entertainment industry. Her father was in many bands and Quigz grew up listening to different genres of music, mainly the Beatles, Moody Blues, and other popular songs. In May of 2014, while promoting “Battle of the Badges” quigz met DJ Phil Rivera. After doing as successful show Quigz starled with “WLTN” on the hit show “Phil in the Quigz”. While being a Radio Personality can be fun, it also requires having the right mix skills to be a professional at it. Sometimes, you just have to let loose and have as much fun as you can. The whole mouth of October “Quigztober” where Qiugz got to dress her co-host up and do different themes every day,. One of the best parts was her co-host never knew what he was being dressed up as until that day. Some of Quigz favorite characters were Snooki and J-Wow, Simon and Garfunkel or so controversial Clinton and Trump costumes. It’s a hard toss up. A radio personality position generally has the following requirements:
• Good clear voice with excellent tone and modulation
• Great communication skills and creativity to interact with listeners
• Knowledgeable on current affairs, news issues and social trends
• Creative thinking, to be able to think of new ideas or topics for show
• Able to improvise and think “on the spot”
• Ability to develop their own personal style
• A good sense of humor
Being an online radio personality can be both fun and demanding. For some it does not come easy. For quigz it came naturally with little to no effort.

Nicole Hart

Playing Mon-Fri from 6PM-9PM
Meet our newest member of the team! Nicole has a great show that can be heard Monday through Friday during the early evenings here on the Barnyard!


Playing Mon-Fri from 9PM-12AM
Join Ariana Monday through Friday evenings for some great country music! She always has great tunes in the mix!

Miss Delanne

Playing Sat-Sun from 10AM-5PM
"A Disco Ball Girl in a Country Music World" Catch me out and about in Somersworth... I'm hard to miss with my multi-colored fairy hair and if there's music playing I'll probably be dancing ! I'm a happy employee at the local DollarTree store and a writer at heart. Currently I'm working on a book based on my appearance on the TV Show Kindred Spirits ( that's season 2, episode 5 "The Strangler" ) I looked a LOT different back then...Peep the show for a blast of my past! My hobbies include dancing, twirling things ( batons, weapons, etc.) Science Fiction and cooking for my family. I love to give back to society and really groove on Good Works and helping others is my ministry. Being "Chillik " is what it's all about in my Golden DiscoBall Studio...kicking back and having fun., keeping it real, embracing each moment and going with the flow. I love living in Somersworth, I love meeting people , I love God and I love Life and of course I love Music! Come along and enjoy the ride.

Karen Ann

Playing Sat-Sun from 5PM-12AM
Join Karen Ann every weekend for some great country music!